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Have to share my experience about another member


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posted this morning that i was leaving to miami to have my booster fixed by his buddy machanic Travis - got up there, stood in the office for about 5 minutes, and here pulls up Joe! i was NOT expecting him to meet me there - but i'm glad he did - we talked a bit, learned a bit about each other - and he gave me the grand tour of miami/globe - all that as he was ready for bed (you know those "crazies" that work the overnight shift)

he kept me occupied for about an hour or so to help eliminate my boredom - as you will all see on the trip to payson, there isn't much to do in miami!

Not to mention, he put a new part on his 92 (CLAW intake - i think that's what it's called) and just GAVE me his cut lid and K&N Filter!

What a guy.

He's really lookin forward to seeing more of the cars, and the "us" that rolls along with those cars!

Hats off to Joe - lookin' forward to cruisin' with ya!!!! :burnout

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