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WINTERFEST: Who's going?


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All, I know the WINTERFEST II is mostly sponsored by the www.z06vette.com crew, but regardless of what year your Corvette is, whether it be a Z06 or not, you are all welcome to attend. It is this Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (FEB 28, 29, March 1st and 2nd) Can you post up if you ARE ATTENDING? And what your count is? Such as

2 - GARY and his WIFE will be attending. (Not sure what days)

1 - I will be attending (Show up on Friday)

etc....I am trying to get a good idea how many ACE folks will show.

Too bad I can't be there sooner. I planned it in advance and wouldn't you know, I got screwed.....So, I will have to make the trek up Friday afternoon to evening time frame, just in time

for drinks and social hour after their long track day. Saturday is drags!! I hear there is the Arizona Exotic Car Club showing out too, so it woul dbe a great day to show and check out some wicked rides....

Who is in, what day will you arrive, and how many in your party?

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Winterfest is a Corvette enthusiasts playground for 4 days. Started up 3 years ago as "Z06 Fest in the West" and it now has become a annual meet. All Corvettes are encouraged to attend.

See links for events: Dynos, Tuning, Tracks, Drags, Go Karts, Dinners, Socials, Partying.... 4 days long!!! Communication for such an event is not good. Its not too late to sho wout, especially since most ACE personnel are in Phoenix!


Wed Feb 27, 2008 3:00 PM

The doors open to 'The Grace Hotel' for checkin........

I will be there noonish to warn the workers on duty...........

I don't know what time the bar opens???????

Meet and greet day!! Time to check out what is available locally!!

Thurs Feb 28, 2008

We get up early, play at the dyno, get free lunch and have stories and graphs to BS about over dinner at Rustler's Rooste!!

Good food, live CW music and a ginormus bill!!

Fri Feb 29, 2008

7:30AM at Firebird gate #2!!

Not gathering in the Hotel parking lot, THERE!!

Drive the wheels off our Z's all day and come back to the Hotel!

We can get cleaned up and figure out what to do!!

Should have put Roustler's Rouste here and go-carts after dynos??

Sat Mar 1, 2008

Dragracing@ Speedworld

Starts at !0:00............

60min-90 min drive from the SE valley to the NW boonies!!

Come back to the Hotel, compare time slips and say good byes!!





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I was looking to do the Fri event, but can not because of work.

I believe there are a few from here going on certain days.

Robert & Elizabeth




Good Luck and have fun.

Phil... :devil

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Ahh, cool. Is the Saturday Speedworld thing a "reservation" thing or a "just show your happy ass up and find us" thing? :burnout2 I'm going to try to make that!

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The Texas contingent will be present. Leaving in about 2 hrs. We're gonna meet Mdickie from Florida in Ft. Stockton, Texas for the trek west. Should be at Speedratchet's house by mid afternoon Wednesday. See everybody at the dyno shop on Thursday morning.

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We're going to depart for Phoenix (WinterFest) at 0730 on the 28th and go straight to the Dyno event. We'll be headed back home after the drags on Saturday.

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Hope to see many of you out there! Yes, the SPEEWORLD is a come one come all, get in line for $45.00. I am hearing there is an exotic car club coming out as well, so it is US vs THEM type fun....

Come on out!!! The more the more the merrier!!!

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Just checking, has anybody confirmed that the track is still open on Saturday? Speedworld's website shows:

Scottsdale Exotic Car Club Day

Time: 9:00 AM


Scottsdale Exotic Car Club will be taking over the track for the day. For more information go to www.scottsdaleexoticcarclub.com

...and the Scottsdale Exotic site shows:

The Scottsdale Exotic Car Club is proud to present our "Day at The Drags" event. This event is open to all SECC members and guests, as well

as, non-members. This event will be held at Speedworld Dragstrip in Wittman, AZ. Speedworld Raceway Park is the oldest track in the Phoenix

area. With a redesigned and resurfaced track and facilities, Speedworld has the best racing surface in Arizona. The SECC has rented the facility

for our use.

Just wanted to make sure before we all head out there. :burnout2

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Ahh, at the bottom of the page:

The cost for this event is:

$25.00 to race for SECC members

$45.00 to race for non-SECC members at the gate

$15.00 to spectate for SECC members

$25.00 to spectate for non-SECC members at the gate

So I guess even though they rented out the track they're letting other people run for $20 more than regular price. Cool.

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I'm doing the whole event again this year and will caravan up with Gary. Dyno/tune on Thurs, Road Racing on Friday, and Drags on Saturday.

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I'm sitting here in Tempe waiting for the dyno day as I type lol. Glenn, I thought you wern't going to make the fest? Give me a call buddy.


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There is a team firebird event and a proautosports event going on friday.. I was able to pull my week together today so... I will be at the Friday event for photography...


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T shirts spoken for so far:

6 Large (4 left)

9 XL (11 remaining)

6 XXL (14 to go)

$10.00 each, you basically pay for your own.....

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