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T-84 Glass European Headlights - NEW PRICE $200


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I have a set of T84 European glass headlights for $250.00. They come with the wiring so they are plug and play. The T84's are about 6months old and I've used them less than 20 times. They are a great improvement over the OEM lights and are the same ones that Eckler's has for $180.00 each. The reason I'm selling is I have replaced the popup headlight assemblies with fixed headlights. Also, I'll be selling the left and right assemblies here shortly. I didn't take any pics because they just look like headlights and I'm lazy. If you need pics I'll post them later as they are still in the assemblies.

OK, NEW PRICE IS $200.00


OK, have been PM'ed wanting pictures so here they are. They are still in the assemblies but three bolts each and they are out.




Here are pics or just the lights.



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