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how hard is it to install headers?


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Alot of if's there. You don't say what your mechanical ability is and is your Vette a daily driver?

I would say that someone with moderate to advanced mechanical ability could do the job.

My concern would be the less ability you have the more time it would take and the greater chance you'd run into a time bind getting it done on a weekend.

I'm sure Sean will chime in as he did his own. From what I've heard it depends alot on the brand too. Fit of some brands is lacking and makes the job more difficult.

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Since Eddie said I'd chime in, I guess I will. :lol

There are several on this board that have done their own, or done them with some help. I did mine, ChadC did his, Andrew did his wife's with some home done fab work if I remember right.

What Eddie said is VERY true. Some brands go in easier than others and it really depends on YOUR mechanical ability.

I put mine up on jacks and took my time. Probably about 3 days or so (can't remember). What you get out of the box may not be everything you need either. I had to go get a few other clamps as the ones that came with the set sucked azz. You will need quite a few tools, jack stands, and a creeper is VERY helpful.

Click this LINKY and read through it. It is a very good step by step directions on what needs to be done. Now every job differs as things go along, but it's pretty much spot on.

Once you go through that, you decide what you want to do. If you decide to do it, set up a weekend. Some of us wouldn't mind a corvette weekend to do a little wrenching to help out. :thumbs

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The C3 was easy to do other than the fab work that needed to be done. The GTO was a different story. It took about a day and a half to do by myself only because I didn't feel like working on it a full day.

It does take some patience. Don't rush through it and it will come out fine.

There are a lot of us that would be willing to help and with the help, it can get done a lot faster. Let us know when and where and we'll try to stop by to help too...


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