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Happy Birhday Ted Yoder


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Happy Birhday Ted Yoder

That's the Canadian version of birthday...only colder...eh? :partygrnhat:

:cheers Have a great B-day Ted! :thumbs

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Events on this day

Feb 24 1868

President Andrew Johnson impeached for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, which is fancy talk for removing Secretary of War Stanton. This remains an honor not bestowed again until the blowjob years of the Clinton Administration.

Feb 24 1970


The alien ship lands and the coccon opens up. Ted Yoder is born.

Feb 24 1921


Abe Vigoda's birthday. Not dead yet! Death Pool anyone?

Feb 24 1988


Jerry Falwell loses his appeal to the Supreme Court, regarding an outrageous parody published by Hustler magazine. Falwell was shown as an incestuous drunk. As long as the material is not presented as factual, public figures may be sniped upon

Feb 24 1992


In a very special episode of Geraldo, daytime talk show host Geraldo Rivera has fat cells removed from from his ass and injected into his forehead.

Feb 24 1998


A man "on a mission from God" hijacks a Turkish Airlines jet with 68 on board, claiming to have a bomb in his teddy bear, and attempts to divert it to Iran. Passengers put an end to his plans.

happy birthday Ted

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Thanks everybody!

Andrew already knew. I'm not fooled. Here's part of what I did on my birthday...

Mini golfing with the whole fam-damly






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Robert and Elizabeth

Happy Belated Birthday Ted. Your pix are great and tell a good story of how your day went.

R & E

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