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They're two years old!

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Guest 1FASTC4

Time surely flies. Our pack turned two years old last Sunday. Here's a couple of pics from the party. John is lagging behind in speech... we are worried about hearing/ retardation and he has an appointment next week w/ the speech therapists. Other than that we have been very blessed, everyone is develping nicely and very happy. This is cold and flu season so I've spent a lot of nights up w/ sick kids these last few weeks. I had no idea a stuffy nose could cause so much havoc. As most of you know, having been through parenthood yourselves, small children don't know to blow their noses and end up swallowing a lot of mucus. I can tell you a kid puking up a stomach full of mucus in your lap at 3:00 in the morning is not any fun at all. Yes... gross!

The Bailey kids are rooting for Jack's little guy!

Pics from birthday party:

Stacy with the girls


John was entranced by the bubble machine




Andrew in charge






cake! The cakes were made by the Victorian Cake Company. They make delicious cakes.





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Wow it seems like just yesterday they were born, man life goes by so fast. They look like their doing great steve congrats to you and stacy and the little ones for yet another mile stone accomplished. Bring on the terrible 2's! Thanks too for the well wishes and prayers for boy I appriciate them alot.

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Robert and Elizabeth

Wow, they are growing soooo fast. They look healthy and active. Oh, how I remember the terrible two's, but with only one at a time. Good luck and happy birthday Bailey Babies!

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My kids are 33 and 30. When do we stop paying for those cute little guys? :smilelol:smilelol:smilelol

I'm 38, if you're still paying, can you adopt me? :smilelol

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