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6000 horsepower


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Robert and Elizabeth

That is so interesting. How did it happen in that one area and not in others?


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I guess the traction control motor was fubar...

Don't they know the basic rules? Until you have some seat time, leave TC/AH on!

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Think that made any noise?

No kidding!

"Uh, Joe... do you hear something?"


"How come we're not moving?"


"Should we maybe have a look?"


"Do you smell something?"


"Wow, look at all them purdy sparks"


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Probable cause...

One locomotive sitting in the middle of the rest and the traction motors went fubar.

Remember there are AC electric motors that turn the wheels, the 4500 to 7000 diesel motors run generators to create electricity. The AC motors will turn full torque even at idle so the wheel just started spinning. Since all the air brakes were probably applied while parked, one set of motors were not going to move a few thousand tons of train.

So it sat and spun. BTW that hardened rail is melted, not worn away like with a grinder.....

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