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Re-Qual time


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On Sunday, Mar 2, 10:30 am, there is a requalification rifle match at Ben Avery for all those who are Marines and other ex service personal--and civilians who want to be qualified. . This match is sanctioned by the CMP (Cvilian Marksmanship Program). It is a 50 shot match similar to Marine corp boot camp--- 10 rds standing at 200 yds, 10 rds sitting rapid fire at 200 yds, 10 rds prone rapid fire at 300 yds, and 20 rds prone slow fire at 600 yds.

You can use an M-1 Garand rifle, an M-14, or an AR-15 to qualify. Any score quals as "Marksman", 420 and up as sharpshooter, etc. Qualifing allows you to purchase rifles, etc from the CMP.

Remember if you don't requal, then you are a non-qual.

Questions?, advice?, tips, PM me. Some of us will be practicing at Rio Salado next Tues, and Thursday morn. I can coach you if necessary. Don't be a non-qual.


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