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VIDEOS: Link to all my madness


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All, here is a link to my zany madness compiled over the last two or so years. Feel free to check them out.


The following links are also on that site, but this is the direct links to the madness:

NurburgRing: http://media.putfile.com/NurburgRing-Lap-1

FRC FLYBY: http://media.putfile.com/Corvette-FLY-BY

Playing with Ferrari F430 & 360 Modena in Franfurt: http://media.putfile.com/TWINS-7-July-07

A Corvette Tribute: http://media.putfile.com/Corvette-Tribute

Handamarer Treffen Corvette Show, Germany: http://media.putfile.com/Handamarer-Treffen-Germany

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That sucks about the blown motor in a strange land.

there is more to it than simply "dirt" through the air filter tho…

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If there was one reason to go back...

Thought about it, but never did it...now I regret not doing it, even in the Grand Prix...

Watched a Porsche Cup and Formula 3000 race at the Ring once (Ralf Schumacher spun out).

But if I ever had a chance to again...I'm taking the Vette.

Awesome vid.

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Dude, very cool. I can't believe they let you run the Ring with no helmet, no tech inspection.... Try that here, you'll spend more time getting through tech and signup than on the track.

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Do you have a hole cut in your radiator shroud?

Then, I had the cut out where the Vortex Rammer used to be, and I got the VaraRam installed which left that big gaping hole. Since then, LG has closed and sealed it off.

But when it came down to pulling the engine, there was dirt inside the intake, but none in the engine.

We suspect FOUL PLAY might have had a hand in it.

USAA says they believe that the air filter failed and there was no foul play. Of course, they didn't want to pay for vandalism.

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:rockon2: Thanks for the awesome vids Glenn! :rockon2:

The Ring is crazy...seeing all those Porsches and crotch-rockets zing past and reading Big Poppa's post reminded me of the 'internet' reports that the Ring averages about one death a week, according to locals and hospital personnel. The sad truth is the deaths go unreported for the most part, or they get listed as a death at the hospital or during the airlift. Don't know if that's part of the better tourism plan or not. Apparently you're likely to come up on a teenager joyriding daddy's Ferrari around a track he doesn't know and amateur bike riders with delusions of grandeur bouncing off the armco.

I'd call it "elective" Darwinism. :devil

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Every tme I watch an in car at the Ring, it reminds me how good Gran Turismo is. Watching it, I was picking all the corners as they came, wanting to drect you.. Hit the gas!!1 You can take this one flat!!! Get to the right, get to the left...... Cinsider me offically jealous that you have real time at the Ring, and I only have digital time....

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All, the 'Ring wa sthe hardest track I have ever had teh nerve to test and after 2 nerve-racing laps, I bailed. Yes, there are countless deaths on the 'Ring but I am not sure of how many per week. I would guess, mostly bikes. My buddy was there the day one guy slapped his bike head on into teh wall and died before the Life-Lite arrived. The day i was running, three cars wrecked. My same buddy, wrote me a text message 3 weeks later (the day i was supposed to go with him) and said "Say a prayer. My car has met its demise on the 'Ring." He totalled his Suburu WRX-STI. And imagine, All Wheel Drive and he STILL lost control. I wish you were in teh passenger seat, telling me the turns, the speeds, the shift left, shift right....Because that track is NOT about speed (as you can see) it is about experience, sticky tires, and big brakes. Had I had all 3, I think I could have broke 8 minutes for sure. As for what happened to my car, I can tell you what I think happened.

My oil heated up too much and I seized a lifter. Thats what happened the first time. 1 week after my run at the 'Ring, my lifter failed taking out my oil passage lines to teh camshaft. I foun dbits and pieces of the lifter which came apart like a peeled banana and left metal residue clogging the passage lines to camshaft to keep it lubed. The camshaft bearing seized on teh camshaft as well, making it impossible to extract so the engine had to be removed and taken apart.

2 months after teh car was back up and running, my best guess is that the tuner set it too lean. The car was running very strong and I shoudl have questioned teh sudden +25 more rwhp over LG's tune. But I fugure it was just a good build. 2 months later, I lost compression on teh Autobahn during cruising speed at 65 mph.

Mass oil was being blown out the back. Shop said I had "dirt in teh intake" and my air filter failed causing dirt to destroy the engine.

LG took it apart and the dirt was ONLY up in the intake, NOT in the engine. The loss of compression was detonation which blew a piston.

LG sent me photos of a pinky sized hole dead center of my #4 piston.

No dirt in engine.

LG suspects they realized they tuned it too lean, causing the damage, so they tossed a handful of dirt into the throttle body and let it get sucked in allowing them an escape to say it was a faulty air filter.

Thats what went down. And I was ass'd out $6000.

Of course, USAA says it was a faulty air filter. So they don't have to investigate vandalism or pay me.

VaraRam says they some ecological study or research in Germany's weather at that time and location where I lived and it is impossible to ingest THAT MUCH DIRT and the SIZE of the dirt pebbles/rocks in so little time that it would cause engine failure. Especially in a city environment! I wa sNOT in the desert of blowing dust areas.

So, the whole thing sounds hokey and shady. But I am back up now, and th eonly ones I trust, are LG Motorsports.

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Guest Sidewinder

HOLY CRAP!!!! Sabotage, those bastards. Never mind I didn't know foul play suspected. Instead of writing a novel I will tell ya my thoughts at a club event. :cheers

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Love the vid of the Ring. It would be a blast to run the 355 on it. Looked like you might have had your hands full a couple times on the corners.. :cool

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