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Welcome to :ACE: Frank from Corona California :howdy

Year of Corvette: 1995

Color: Torch Red

Please check your junk mail folder in your Yahoo mail for anything from www.arizonacorvetteenthusiasts.com

If you find your emails there then you need to check the box next to it and click the "Not Spam" button on top so you can recieve our emails.

Are you planning on visiting or moving to Arizona???

And post a picture of your Corvette for us to see...

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:howdy from Just South of the North Pole (Canada) and Just a few seconds North of Montana . . . . . . .

Please post a picture of your Corvette and be sure to become familiar with the complete ACE site including the Events Section. Don't be shy. If you need any help using the ACE Forum just ask any Forum Moderator or Administrator . . . . . they'd be happy to help you out. Be sure to put your mark on the ACE MAP and tell us how you heard about ACE by Clicking Here

John (jstrutt) :crazy

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