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Many Thanks

Guest renee

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I want to thank Desertdawg who got me Andrew's phone number who put me in touch with Steve at Discount Tires where I bought some new tires for my vette that were a smoking deal and kept me in my budget!

I also want to thank Desertdawg for getting me in touch with the very, very good people at Xtreme Motorsports on Smith Rd. in Tempe who cleared their schedule for me when I gave them no notice at all, tore off the stupid lock bolt things I didn't have the socket thing for and put my tires on for a fantastic smokin' ACE deal.

I got all this great service and very nice discounts without being competent enough to ask on this forum, but it worked anyway.

I've moved to Prescott and I wonder if there are any ACE people here? There's probably something on the calender I'll find in a little while . . .

BTW, there's a 2001 absolutely gorgeous dark blue automatic Corvette for about $26K with about 30K miles at the Honda dealership here I wanted to buy so bad I almost cried. But, we got a truck.

Thanks over and over.


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That's what this forum is all about! We're here to help each other and Dwayne goes out of his way! :thumbs

I'm going to be in need of tires soon. If you're not comfortable posting the deal you got here would you PM me with the information?

BTW, you need to change your signature cause it doesn't sound like your in the "Old Pueblo" any longer.

Kameron is up your way and Coconut Girl is just south of Prescott. We're growing in your area. If you check the Events section there's a post about Velocity Vettes outing. Velocity Vettes is a friendly group in the Prescott area.

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Congrats for getting all that done within budget. Sometimes that can be a difficult thing with a Corvette.


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