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Here's a link to the beast. Try to get by the funky paint job.

Chevelle SW

Aside from the god awful paint job the car is the epitome of a Southwest car, frame is solid, no rust in the A pillar that I could see. Only sign of rust was around the rear window, most of it rubbed off when I wiped it with my hand. In short what rust I could find is superficial.

The dash is not even cracked, 3 inch tear in the hood liner and one or two small tears in the door panels, none of which is sunbaked or dried out. The interior is in awesome shape overall, the car is extremely tight, glass all in really good shape, easy decision for me to buy it.

The AC is still all hooked up, but the pulley is frozen. Rear electric window still works!

Final price was $3200 which I think is a good deal considering the condition of the car.

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I love a clean S/W. There were some great examples on the Hotrod Power Tour when we did it a couple years ago. One guy was sleeping in his every night instead of a motel.

I'm anxious to see pics!

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Ya.. can tint the windows so the roll cage and tubs arent easily seen, and the rear overhang purty much covers up the wheelie bars.

Funniest race I ever saw .. local 'mouth' in Victorville always goin on about his 10 second Boss '71 stang with the pro-stock built Rousche motor..

..LACR time trials, there he is ..staged against a '70 9-passenger stationwagon ..I mean ..that stang looked *small' next to that barge.. and it was a Beige wagon no less..no stickers, no nothin .. and the wagon smoked him by 6 cars in the quarter.. and it was runnin low 13's.

(the wagon was an awesome sleeper..guy said he had paid for the car many times over street racin.. no one expected it to RUN ..HARD)

(he was runnin an LS-6 454 in it, 4:88's in the back with a 10" converter and 'little' 12" slicks ..I swear it looked like the front wheels just about came off the ground when it launched ..woke *everyone* up when the big bad mustang couldnt hang in first and the wagon kept on pullin away !!)


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Updated first post, I ended up buying the beast! Or as my calls it, the Hearse.

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