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Good Craigslist Ad... Entertaining.


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Probably one of the best Craigslist ads for selling a car I have ever seen... This guy really seems to know that there are no car buyers as flaky, confused, and generally maddening as Craigslist car shoppers.

Be sure to click on the "Best of Craigslist" tag in the upper right hand corner if you agree.


Just a few excerpts:

"Turning can be tricky (if you are a female on a cell phone) - otherwise it does turn as well as any other 3400 pound sedan."

"This car eats rocks and s h i ts lightning bolts."

"I am not going to accept checks from Nigeria or boxes of pizza as payment options. I am not going to give you a payment plan on a $1600 car. American dollars are acceptable though. If you are a hot female maybe we can work something else out."

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Too bad I am not in Maryland, I would have to go meet this guy and see the killer car....

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I love craigslist. Did you know that they have a rant and raves section? Neither did I, until a friend of mine told me he wrote a rant in craigslist.

Backstory: I used to be an office manager for a electrical company in tempe, when I found my job here in tucson I obviously gave them 2 weeks and told them I would train the replacement. Well I didn't get to pick the replacement but I did get to hear the joyous dirt that she made the other co-workers I left behind go through. The receptionist (male) wrote this letter to her in craigslist on a rant because he wasn't sure when he was going to quit and needed the money until then.

I just copied the post because its to funny:

Dear new boss!

oh you're such a delight to deal with every day. i love coming to work and seeing your happy smiling face. nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing theres a real beeyutch hiding behind it. to which your reply is I'm not a bitch, I'm just not very outgoing and keep to myself. you're also a self admitted BAD LIAR.

i also want to thank you for your complete lack of knowledge of your job and your willingness to fake it. only because you're female do i allow this to go unmentioned.

on the list of things to thank you for, next comes the annoying i used to be a cheerleader attitude. i cannot express how many times a day wanted to smash your face in with the over sized stapler because your favorite word just happened to be SUPER!

the fact that i wanted to take you into the back room and bend you over the table and have a really nice lunch break with you is now null and void due to the fact that you're hotness is far more exceeded by your annoying-ness. from this point on any kind of sexual activity would be purely curiosity satisfaction.

one rule when working in the real world with grown ups:


no one here wants to hear about how you break up with your boyfriend on a weekly (or more frequent) basis just so you have a good excuse not to do any work and then offload it on everyone else at the office. obviously if you two haven't been together that long, then maybe you shouldn't be together at all if you break up 1-4 times every week to 2 weeks. you talk to him like hes inferior and tell him what to say and do, no wonder he doesn't respect you, breaks up with you all the time and probably fucked that one girl in the pictures. DUH.

your obnoxious GO TEAM former cheerleader attitude is about the most annoying thing you present on a daily basis along with your over use of the words SUPER, AWESOME, and FANTASTIC. a simple good or right on, shall suffice.

your personal life drama also causes stress ON TOP of your relationship drama. no one here cares about your petty little life problems and how crappy things are with this that or the other. again, LEAVE IT AT HOME.

and last but not least, quit acting like you want to fuck your boss. theres nothing more obvious, obscene and annoying than knowing you go into his office for your 'meetings' and shut the door behind you. oh yeah, we all know why its quiet and no one can hear anything. you're busy 'taking notes' right? honestly, if you are fucking the boss or just swallowing his load, at least brag about it to someone, jesus. i cant remember the last time i wanted to slap someone so hard in the face with a solid metal object.

i seriously had high hopes for you when you first started here and enjoyed the first few days you worked here but anymore you make work an 8 hour trial of my patience and composure all the while, trying NOT to say something to your face about how amazingly annoying you are. i really do hope to bang you before i quit one day, again for the curiosity factor, but since when that times comes you will have probably nailed half the office staff, i think ill pass.

thanks for applying though, having you here is like sticking my head in a vise every day and having someone poke me in the face with little acupuncture needles. GOD what would i have done without you??????

LOL...if everyone used craigslist to rant I think the stress level in some workplaces would go down!! :cfdeadagain

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