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Careful out there


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Ya, but how much weight did they have to add to get that extra horsepower. I'm not sure it's worth it.

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Robert and Elizabeth

WTF.........that is just....... crazy!

You are right, the power to weight ratio would be way off on that one! :yesnod

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Now with one extra horsepower...might be hard to go back to stock...

This happens every winter in Minnesota. Car hits Moose, or deer, and occupants die. Tragic.

Since there are less and less Deer hunters each year, there are more and more deer. MN Dept. of

Natural Resources, (DNR) now issues almost as many deer tags as any hunter could want. You can

get a Buck tag, a Doe tag, and up to 3 (or more) management tags.

Car deer collisiions are epidemic around Mpls/St paul. There are some 15,000 recorded per year. This

is aggrevated the fact that the sun goes down by 4pm, and doesn't rise till 0800, meaning rush hour driving

to and from work is in the dark/twilight-------the most active deer movement times. Most Highway patrol

cars have carriers installed, in the fall, to facilitate removing dead deer from the road ways.

I used to have a deer feeder on a tree in the back yard at my rual house in MN, and put out some shell corn

each night, so we could watch the deer scamper around in the flood lights. Soon there were 40 or more deer

comming to the feeder, and I was feeding 4or 5 bushel of corn per week $$$ and after they ate all my shrubury,

plants, and flowers, I said thats enough.

So---please come to MN and shoot some deer!!!


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