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Wanna' help put a C-3 body on a rolling chassis?


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UPDATE:Due to some unforseen circumstances, this event has been postponed. We all hope all turns out well for Tom and his family. More info here.

Tom from Digital Corvette is getting ready to drop his C-3 body on the chassis. We need some bodies to help out. This will be good for some of you C-3 owners who would like to see what your car looks like before the body goes on......

I have asked Tom to get on here so he can say hi to you all and we'll get direction as the date gets closer.

This is gonna' be a Sunday so we should be able to get lots of help! It's also on the calendar.


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Phill's Vette

I will sure try to attend and help out - this is something I will be doing someday to my 72 Stingray I haven't bought yet... Keep me informed on the date.


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