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Running rich


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Ace Dyno day

My C6 with Haltech intake was running a little rich on the Dyno runs---------11.68 Air fule on my best run. Keith tried to explane to me what was happening but it seemed rather complicated, ie fuel trims, dirty MAS etc. I cleaned the MAS before going to Speed world ---didn't seem too dirty and turned a reasonable speed--111.5 and 12.90, but running rich bothers me a little.

What should I do about it---where should I gofor a fix and what needs to be done. Is this something that I should bring to Keith at ADC? enlighten me please.


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Just clamp some vice grips onto the fuel line.... That oughta cure what ails ya. :leaving

Have Nic give you a tune, he can get all that straghtened out for you. Better fat than lean though, so you're only wasting gas; you're not in any danger of breaking something.

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Robert and Elizabeth

I'll third that. PM Nic (under NicD) and he'll set your Vette straight (or sideways with your new numbers :devilwinking: ).


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