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Anyone seen this Kwiklift?

Ted Y

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Check this out. My Dad and I were impressed. It really looked sturdy and easy to use and I am tempted to get one. The castor wheels were easy to move even loaded with a 3000 lb Mustang. With the options I want it comes to about $2K. About half the price of an immobile 4 post lift. The best thing is it is portable and can be packed into my Xterra. It doesn't need electricity and can be setup anywhere.

The 4 post one looks nice too and be used in a standard garage, but is about twice as expensive. Not portable, though.


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I own a lift just like the four post they have pictured, (not Kwiklift though). I bought mine with castors, so it is somewhat portable on the concrete floor. The whole thing was made in Texas. I am really happy with it. Total cost was about $3500. That was with the castors, and a pneumatic lift to get that wheels off the ramps.

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