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Take one C5, add turbos, and....


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go run some 10s with it. :burnout2:banannadance:

I ran my buddies 2000 C5 at firebird last friday since he was having some troubles with the burnout, etc. It's basically a stock motor 2000 C5 with some very mildly ported 6L truck heads to drop the compression down so it's pump gas friendly and an APS TT setup. It's got a built auto tranny in it because the 1st tranny lasted all of 3 weeks with the turbos on it and it has a mild and tight converter so it drives literally like stock. I was running 10 psi with 91 octane in the tank and didn't even launch in boost yet. I tuned it to run on 14 psi with good gas later on for when his mickey thompson ET radials ever show up as they are still on backorder 2 months later.

Here is the video, this was the 2nd time I got kicked off the track that night. LMAO!


Here are 2 other funny videos of me running my camaro.

This first video is where I launched at 5500 rpm without the 2 step and it bogged so bad I almost hit my head on the windshield, then it just took off. We were doing 1/8th mile passes because my belts expired so I could only tech to an 11.5. At least I still managed to trap 113 mph in the 1/8th on this pass with that crappy launch which is about 146 mph in the 1/4 on my car.


Here is the 2nd video where I got booted from the track the 1st time. Just spun this time, must have been water dragged up by the ricers or something as I launched basically the same as the 1st pass and was sideways all through 1st gear... that was fun. :) I chased him down but I was going too fast to slow down enough.


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Vids not loading worth a crap.

They keep buffering up and down. Goes to 80% back to 40 up to 60....

I gave up.

Definately try and do a right click save as and then watch it after it fully downloads. My server is getting hammered, over 4 Gb worth yesterday alone was transferred.

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Very nice Nic. I think I will be staying home or just watch if I know you're going to be there. I need to cut about 3 seconds just to keep up with you when you brake.

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