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C5 Headlamp


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Maybe someone can help this guy out from the Texas Corvette Association. Never know, maybe he'll become an ACE member.


From Rip <ripdavis@yahoo.com>

Date Sat, 05 Jan 2008 08:18:11 -0800 (PST)

To BoerneHill@aol.com

Subject Re: C5 headlamp

Good morning.

I hit a deer, and it took the bucket off my passenger side headlight. It is in the body shop. The body man has the "door" and the part that wraps around the light. He says the intermediate part that attaches this assy. to the light is on 4 month back order nationally. GM only sells the entire headlight assembly for about 900.00. Any help would be appreciated.

Rip Davis




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I drive through Kerrville about once a month; I can understand him hitting the deer. Unfortunately I have no parts for the man, but I feel for him...

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You know.............all the help ACE members gave this dude finding his parts, he doesn't have the respect to send me a thank-you to pass along. So on the azzhat's behalf THANKS ACE! What am I talking about, I'm the Official AZZHAT and proud of it.

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