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Lots of stuff for sale. EVERYTHING MUST GO! BUY NOW!


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Well Im moving out of my office and there is a lot of stuff that needs to go. Please email me with what you want and we can arrange for a pickup time/date.

Im sorry that the pictures are not Glamor Shots quality but you get the idea. Please email me with any questions you might have. ccarpenter@futurenetaz.com



30” deep, 28 ½” Tall, 5’ wide.

Drawers on either side. Good condition.


Armwar..Aimwaure…Arm- TV Cabinet




Wing cabinet dim: 83” tall, 27” wide, 20 ½” deep.

Center cabinet 47” wide, 88” tall, 27” deep with molding, 24” deep w/o molding

TV opening 22 ½” deep , 33 ½” or 43” tall, 36” wide

Lights, molding, high quality hinges. Excellent condition.

$2000 new. $800 now.

Executive Desk



Was a gift to the owner from his FIL. $1500 new. $500 now.

72” wide, 42”deep, 29” tall

Mini Fridge


18 ½” wide, 19” deep” 33 ½” tall

$150 new. $50 now. “Keep all your body parts cold” J. Dalhmer

File Drawers Hon 700 Commercial grade stuff.


The office kind. About 4’ wide.

New $600. $50 now. 2 units for sale

Metal Cabinets


$35 each. I have 3 in stock

HP 8000 Hard core black/white laser printer


Network card. 2 drawers. Its big and is 45lbs. $75

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High Volume Fax, scanner, printer.



Book Shelves


4’ wide, 1’ Deep, 30” tall $25


11” deep, 13” wide, 73” Tall $25

Middle management desk.


71 ½” Wide, 35” deep, 29” Tall $200

Roller blade chair



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Armoire? I am at work, can't get the pictures, have to wait until I get home!

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Armoire? I am at work, can't get the pictures, have to wait until I get home!

Have you seen the pictuers? are you still interested?

HV fax scanner, printer. SOLD!


cool Ill pict it up today.

email/call/smoke signal me to make arrigments for delivery/pickup.



big puff, small puff, small puff, big puff.

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