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I think it would be very interesting to know if the NCM has ever done a survey of their members by geography. I would bet you that the highest concentration of their members are within 1 days drive of the museum. For those of us that are 3 days drive away there isn't alot of benefit other than saying you're a member and getting a few bucks off on merchandise from the website.

I personally would be way more likely to join if the museum was more centrally located but I understand why it's where it is. I would probably join if the NCM would sponsor some local events similar to the cruise in's around the country. Currently I plan to do the run in 09.

I would say that I have visited the museum and it is a great display of Corvette history. If you get the chance I would highly recommend you visit at least once.

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I have to agree with both Chad, and Eddie. But then I'm wacky like that sometimes...

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Even if you consider NCM membership as a donation, they have done a lot to keep the history of our beloved Corvettes available to future generations. :2cents:yesnod:yesnod

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