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CactusTracy spending some time in the hospital.


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First off, she is fine -- don't worry.

This was planned, but things don't always go as plan.

Tracy went into the hospital in Mesa, Banner Desert Medical, yesterday morning for a procedure to get rid of some fybroid / cysts. The procedure is done through arterial means same way they install stints. Instead of opening arteries this procedure closes off some to block blood flow to the fybroids.

Anyway she went in yesterday and they told her she would be out in 23 hours. They also said there would be minor - medium pain and cramping for a few days after-wards.

Well, she got the maximum pain instead of the medium pain and is now going to be in there for 48 hours. I stayed with her until her surgery yesterday, and then went back when she came out. The drugs and pain were hitting her really hard at the time so I left her to get some rest. Later that night I came back and the pain and drugs were still kicking her really good. I kept my visit short as she was again very tired, very sore and very sick.

She was supposed to come home today around noon. I went up at 11:00 a.m. She was looking better but still very sick and in lots of pain. They spent most of last night and today trying different pain killers trying to find something that didn't cause :U or :crazy . She gave me a call this afternoon and she sounded much better but said she was spending the night.

For those wondering why I am not there now or all the time is that a: I want her to get some rest and she can't if I am around, and b: I can't stand to watch other people :U without me wanting to as well.

Tomorrow I will be going up early (0600) to see how she is doing and to hopefully take her home. She will most likely spend the next 3-5 days in bed sick and sore.

I know it would really cheer her up if other ACE members could send her a card, gift, flowers, or even just an e-mail. She probably won't see e-mails until next week but I know she would appreciate them.

If you want to send cards send them to her here at home.

Tracy Seery

625 N. Hamilton St.

# 31

Chandler AZ 85225.

I don't think she will be up for visitors or phone calls for a while. She should be at the lunch and Pavilions on September 3rd though.

Well, I better go and clean up the house and do some laundry before she comes home. If she knew I spent all day taking naps and making a mess she would kick my ass.

See ya all later.

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3,503 lbs of trouble

I hope her recovery is fast and thorough. Pass along my best wishes!

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Hope Tracy feels better soon. Nobody wants to stay in the hopital, hope she gets out soon.

Best Wishes.


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I'm not much for sending cards, but tell her we are thinking and praying for a quick recovery. You should print out this thread and give it to her.

All the best Tracy, once you are better, are guys available to baby-sit ? :lol

Still another 8 months, you should be all healed up by then :lol


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Best wishes for a speedy recovery Tracy! Johnnie and I hope you are now home and resting well!

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She is home now. I "sprung" her this morning.

The finally got the mix of drugs right. So now she doesn't have as much pain, isn't :U anymore and isn't any more :crazy than before (she's going to smack me for that one).

Maybe later she will hop on the internet but for now she's being a couch potatoe (pretty good idea).

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Guest Kens06

Glad to see that the docs have got meds that help, not hurt!!

Make sure she takes her time and heals before getting back into the flow!!

We Love You Tracy!!

Get well soon


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Guest XLR8TNC5

Damn, tell her I send my best and I am hoping that things will get back to normal for her real soon. Female problems are never any fun and they always try to make it seem like no big deal. Of course, until you are the one experiencing them, you never realize it is a long road to get back to your old self. Good for her though to get the medical attention she needed.

She will feel like a new woman once everything heals and she is up and about again.

Take care,

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Guest CactusTracy

Thanks, everyone, for your concern! I am feeling better as the pain meds are finally doing their job. Still moving kinda slow, though. My thanks to my very wonderful husband for taking care of me and putting up with my requests to fetch this or that. Hope to see everyone on the next Corvette Saturday.

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