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Decision night... Part II


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Forgot to mention this...I believe in 60 days I will become a regular guy again :cone

The Council has decided to not decide again :cuss It sounds like a three ring circus now...so I'll just calmly and gladly go back to being a Captain...which is what I do best. Thanks for the support y'all MoFo's :howdy

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Unbelievable, selfish bastards. Don?t they know how they can affect people?s lives? I?m conscientious of this when I hire people; try to notify them either way ASAP.

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3,503 lbs of trouble


Either way, I hope for whatever is best for you and your happiness.

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Guest XLR8TNC5

THis is total crap, but you have a way to fix this. On the news, they had your name and under your name, it clearly said,

TOLLESON FIRE CHIEF! Once you go public, they can't go back. :)

I am sorry to hear that Tony, hang in there okay.

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