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Junk WANTED! furniture etc...

Guest AZ Power & Sound

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Guest AZ Power & Sound

Stuff WANTED!!!

Looking for a decent futon... preferably wood or gray metal... but show me what you have!

Patio furniture - just need to fill the back yard up a little more

Pool stuff - IE basketball hoop or whatever

Neon beer signs - preferably miller, bud or mexican beer products

Full size video games... looking for 2 or 3 for the game room... been looking for street fighter, mortal kombat, killer instinct or similar. MUST be in good condition

misc living room furniture - need a TV stand, couches etc... depends on what they look like but just trying to fill up a room

Paintings - need some colorful ones either having to do with Arizona and desert or something similar... various sizes needed!

If you have any of the junk im looking for, or want anything, call or PM!

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i keep looking and looking and looking at this thread and think - man, by the time i get to use my neon lights again , they'll be BROKEN - perhaps i should sell them

i'm so tossed - they were quite hard to acquire - as i'm by no means a "wealthy guy"

i'm gonna think about it a bit more - i probably could get a pretty penny for some of them on ebay - but then i'd have to figure out how to pack them and then worry about shipping - might be more hassle than it's worth.

i'll get back to ya!

BTW - still waiting for a reply to my PM or my email - FORD SVO INJECTORS?!?!?!?!

PM me - i have a few more questions i'd like to ask

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