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Driving Home Tonight


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Driving home tonight in the :black vette: on the 202 San Tan freeway, and a SUV pulls up on me quickly, so I maintain by speed with surrounding traffic and the car in front of me moves to the right, middle lane, and I stay the same speed in the left lane. Then the SUV pulls closer on my ass were his lights are all in the Vette. I was about to down shift and smash the right pedal to get wayyyyyyyyy out of his way when I notice the flashers start to alternate white strobes back and forth. So at this point I pull into the middle lane and the strobes stopped, but the SUV also pulled in behind me and signaled the same lane change. So I continue to maintain my speed -80 MPH - and the SUV changes lanes again. But I looked at his front lights all he was using his turn signals still. So at this point I figured it was a DPS or City Police SUV. At this point I started to slow down without hitting my brakes and the SUV passes me on the right side and and flashes his :eddie2: lights, and then proceeds to take the 101 exit going north. By this time I was saying to myself, "Self, it is a good thing that you did not down shift and :scareddriver: leave that SUV behind. That would have been an ugly situation.

But he was trying to edge me on to go faster before I realized he was a LEO :cop: . Good thing I kept my cool.

Drive Safe everyone.

Phil... :phil evil:

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