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welcome chevyguy1969


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Hello Butch from Glendale :howdy

Year of Corvette: 1979

Color: black on black

Welcome to ACE!!!

Please post a picture of your black C3 when you get a chance, we love pictures.

And be sure to check out the events section for some great upcoming cruises!

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Hello Folks I've been lurking here for little while. decided it was time to join the best vette club in AZ. This is my first vette and is the same model i fell in luv with as a kid (whose kidding who here i'm still a kid) Can't wait wait for the river run hope to meet some of ya'll before then. My handle is derived from my love for the 1969 camaro. I finaly bought one of those several years ago but it needs alot TLC. I'm still trying to figure out how i want to build it. If ya'll have questions or suggestions send them to me. Until next time SAVE THE WAVE :wave1::wave2::wave3::black vette:

P.S. As soon as i figure out how to post pictures i'll put one of the car on here.

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