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For Tim, and other Air Force moFo's


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Will watch it when we get back home, don't have the time now with dail up. Was in the download mode for 15 minutes.... Gave up!!! Did someone say F4????? :cone:cone:cone

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Thank you.

Ya ..he's talkin the 'Pig' (most of us who worked on 'em called them that)

.. also known as the 'Rino' (by a lot who flew it)

..and named the Phantom 2 by those who built it.

They put the THUNDER in the Thunderbirds when they flew their routine..

..nothin else has come close to the outright gut-vibration

of an Afterburner lightoff right over the crowd

from that solo sneaker who came in from the back, unheard ..

.. it cracked me up to see hundreds of people jump all at the same time.

(me included)

'Sound and Fury' is how Robert Shaw described the F-4,

standin on the end of a runway watchin a restored one takeoff.

He's also known as 'Mouse' ..

..wrote a book that became the bible of air combat.

I have it around here somewhere.

'Fighter Combat, tactics and manuevering' or some such.


(worked on every USAF model, the Luftwaffe version,

..only one I never worked was the 'J' . . Navy had those)

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Love those heritage flyby's :rockon2:

Tim has F-4 wood :smilelol:smilelol

You talking Phantom or do his roots go all the way back to the F-4U? :partydance:

Hey there smart azz. :phil evil: I like them also, but Phil, you can drop the 4 in the F4U for a comment like that! j/k kiddin bro! :edward:

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