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Selections for the Historic Motorama II have been made and we are

still in need of the following Corvettes to complete the Motorama

II display and event plans. We are looking for a 1953, 1955, 1960,

1972, 1997 and 2002 Corvette. Please contact Adam Boca at

adam@corvettemuseum.com if you are interested in participating.

The Historic Motorama II will include 4 great days of driving from

Bowling Green, KY to St. Louis, MO for our first stop. In St.

Louis we will visit Kiener Plaza for a unique photo opportunity

with the St. Louis Arch as the background. Local clubs will be

joining us in the evening and if time permits we'll arrange for

some sightseeing as well. Leaving St. Louis on Thursday morning

we head to the "Racing Capitol of the World" and visit

Indianapolis, IN with a stop at Griot's Garage for lunch, tour of

the Griot's Garage facility and some hands on demonstration of

their products on your cars! The following day the Historic

Motorama II will makes its way to South Bend, IN to visit Tire Rack

and some fun laps on their test track and a stop at Corvette

Central to wrap up the day. Once the group arrives in Detroit, we

will participate in GM 100th Celebration as well as some special

items for Motorama participants including parade lap around Milford

Proving Grounds where the Motorama group will be featured display

and dinner at the GM Heritage Center, their private museum, as

guests of General Motors.

Please let Adam Boca know if you have a stock 1953, 1955, 1960,

1972, 1997 or a 2002 Corvette and want more information on how to

participate in this event of a lifetime!

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Gary's been missing for a month or so, thanks for the update Ed.

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Any word from Gary????

I was thinking the exact same thing today. Damn Eddie, you a mind reader or what.

And where is Gary?

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followed me out the Swan gate a couple of weeks ago on his scooter...

Good chance he's still alive then but then I guess you never know riding a scooter. Hopefully just busy and not pizzed off.

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Today we Draw our "Build Your Own" Z06 Raffle Winner!

Today at 2:00 p.m. CT we will draw the winner of our "Build Your Own" Z06 raffle! There are approximately 95 tickets left and we hope these requested updates on our raffles keep you informed as we countdown to another raffle winner!

Our winner will be posted to the homepage of our website immediately following the drawing. Best of luck to everyone!

Find out more about this exciting raffle and purchase tickets online at: http://www.corvettemuseum.com/raffle/index.shtml or by calling (800) 53-VETTE.

Bobbie Jo

Bobbie Jo Lee

NCM Marketing & Communications Manager



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