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Grayeagle's Chopper?


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Hey Frank, I don’t know how your little missus feels about you and motorcycles, but I believe I’ve found the chopper you were destined for. This radial engined beauty has been around a couple of years, so you may have already seen it, but I wanna know.....could you wrench and tune on it? :lol You’d have to wear a floppy pilot helmet like in your avatar when you rode it! :hat



Here’s the website if you wanna place an order for a black one: JRL Cycles :devilwinking:

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Airplane cool :)

Gotta wonder about the cylinders under the tank here in Phx tho .. bet they get smokin hot.

With Mobil-1 oil tho.. shouldnt be any mechanical problems.

Heck ya I'd ride one.

AND I have a leather flyin helmet, WW2 vintage, *and* a Samurai headband from Yokota, Japan.

-Frank (not kiddng)

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Their 'test' video really points out how *fast* that throttle reacts .. wow.

..and it's 150hp

..and the sound is just music..

..I'd be lookin UP for the round motor airplane instead of at the road if I heard one ;)


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How much?

They'll build you a hardtail for the low low price of $68,900. :nutkick:

I added it to my list of "if I won the Powerball" purchases. :loser:

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