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Hi folks!. I came across this forum last night and joined right up, wish I had know about it sooner. I'm the Pewter 2000 C5 you may occasionally have seen trolling the Pavilions on Sat nights (Lowered, Big Oval Bassani Tips...).

I have a major tire problem and have called around to xtreme and a few other local speed and tire shops with no luck. My left rear has a #12 screw in the sidewall and my left front now has both a nail and a screw, both tires lose a couple lbs of air per day, no biggie but not very safe to drive. Nobody will patch the rear tire because it's in the sidewall and I can't afford $600 worth of new rubber right now, not for a month or two probably. I'm looking for a cheap set of used tires to get me by, I have Eagle F1's on there now 245-45-17 and 285-35-18, stock rims. So if anyone is about to get new tires and the old ones still have tread I'm interested, or if anyone knows a shop that will patch a puncture (partially) in the sidewall please let me know where they are.

Apparently, patching the sidewall negates the tire's Z speed rating and no one will touch it for fear of a lawsuit should I happen to survive blowing a tire at 190mph on my way to the ballgame and choose to claim I was only going that fast because I thought I had Z rate tires. I've tried explaining that NOBODY actually drives 190 mph but all I get are blank stares.

Anyway, any help greatly appreciated.

ps: Keyword is *cheap*. I am extremely broke right now.

Wish you would have called my shop, I had a set of Toyo T1S tires off my stock Z06 wheels I just tossed out because I didnt need them... Let me know if I can get you some new ones... they have some cheapie 17s in the $100 range and 18s in the mid 100s

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