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Vette V-8 Sound Idea


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I wonder if an old school turbo muffler could be mounted back there with 2" or 2.5" in and out, and a chrome tip ..from cat back.

I'm thinkin that would sound fairly good, and be cost effective.

I remember turbo mufflers from Thrush and other makes ..the further away from the header you mounted them, the quieter they were.

On my '68 Dodge R/T 440 car they were just ahead of the rear axle, had a nice growl to it at idle and got a bit quieter as you revved it.. hemi grind cam, 850 holly, headers, and 4:88's in the back.

On my '64 malibu with the monster L-88 based motor in it, they were mounted right off the header collector.. might as well have been cherry bombs (I had a pair of those too, along with some cadillac mufflers, useda switch em out when I got tired of the LOUD )

The old cherry bomb glass pacs didnt have the same gravelly rumble as the turbo's did.

And then there were the classic Thrush beer cans .. for out and out pure loud music, they couldnt be topped except by runnin uncapped altogether :)

I'm thinkin if I had a tubing bender, a welder, a shop to play in, .. sorta like AZPS has .. hmm :)


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I still have the straight Thrush (beer Can) muffs for the 440 right off the headers with a 45* that dumped in front of the rear tires. OMG, it was loud and I mean loud.

I can't wait to get that big fat pig of a car on the road again.

You can buy the pipe prebent and weld it..... I'm thinking of doing that. From the quotes I have been given, it's still cheaper than taking it in to a shop. I have the arbor press all I need is the pipe bending adapters if I get the straight pipe. Either way, the exhaust is gonna be all me on this build.

I want to stay with a 475-485 lift with a 309 duration and staying with the 9.5-1 slugs. I want to stay hydraulic and from what I've seen anything over a 500 lift needs to be mechanical. I would like to stay with the Erson cam. I've had Erson in this engine since the 1980's and never been unhappy with the performance.

What was the Purple cam you had????


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Purple shaft hydrastic from MOPAR is .509 lift ..I think 292 duration? .. has a nice rumpety-rump idle and really wakes the motor up off the line all the way to 5500rpm .. 6k rpm if yer runnin decent heads.

The solid lifter purple shaft I switched to later on was .590 lift, 320 duration (may have been 310) ..they still make 'em far as I know .. lost a little bottom end and gained more mid range and top end pull.

Adjustable rockers required .. and set of pushrods cut to length. (they make the kit for that too from Mopar :)

..and some good valve springs.


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I really don't think you will get the old school sound your looking for out of an LS1. The firing order is off from the old V8's, and adding some turbo mufflers will probably just sound funky.

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Then again .. it may sound great.

Or . . Mike at AZPS may have a purty fair idea of what needs to be done to get the sound I am after :)

Ima let Mike help me out :)


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Guest Kens06

You can get the 'Old School' sound if you don't care about HP!!

Lose the H/X pipe and put a set of cherry bombs before the over axle exhaust flange.

Now, from that flange, you run some straight Corsa's out the back!!

Loud old school sound!!

I put a set of full length chambered exhaust on my '96 LT-4 and the car sounded GREAT!!

But, it fell on it's face above 4K because the 2" exhaust choked the engine!!

Design a system with airflow and sound in mind and you may not make ultimate HP but the grin from the sound overshadows that!!


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