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WOW - 5 New Members in 2 days


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Welcome :howdy: to the following new members:

62Cat - Kevin

kingpin - Kevin

92ZR1 Wannabe - Joe

Paul Campbell - Paul

82 Collector - Warren

Now that you have joined Arizona Vette Net, tell us more about yourself and your Vette.

Hope to see you this Saturday if your calendar is open at the Split Window Cafe in Fountain Hills at 11:00 am. If you can not make it that early, then we will also be at the Scottsdale Pavillions located on Indian Bend and the 101 by the McDonalds in the early afternoon until the evening for some.

Don't be shy, come out and visit and remember to post away. :D

Phil... :devil

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phil, you gonna be at split window?

i want to give myself credit for the new memberships - i sent PMs to a bunch of people last night on CF (who knows if this did any good) and invited them to SW on saturday - maybe that's why they signed up? :D

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Yes I am going to be there. I should be leaving around 10:30 am or so if you want to ride up together. Call my cell phone on 480-326-4456 if you want to meet up. I usually take Lindsay up to Gilbert Rd then up BeeLine Highway.

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phil, if you read this in the morning, what time do you want me to call? what time are we thinking about going?

going to post this in the both CF and AZ threads also!

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