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Speaking Of Racing..


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I dont know if these have been posted here before .. I just ran across 'em following the link to the long beach event comin up in June..


-boggle- .. -imagines 'Yarnell Hill run .. 130 miles of it'

Yanno . . mebbe by august .. or next summer ..

-wonders just how pissed off Kathy would get if she rode with me-

..from http://www.thevetteset.com/Racing_news.htm

-evil grin-

-Frank an Kathy

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I want to try a open road race, but I think I'm going to try the one in Texas first. Thanks for the info Frank.


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Robert and Elizabeth

How much to enter these races??? It looks like a lot of fun!!

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The whole idea of choosing a target speed over a long distance high speed run sounds intriguing.

It's not crazy flat out hangin it over the edge racing .. er .. unless you're goin for the 200mph club ..can imagine that would take a bit of work (cage, fuel cell, restraints, fire suit, an stuff) ..

..what is so cool ..the part that grabs me .. the Vette has the juice, just needs safety mods (I would want a decent roll cage both for the better handling and the occasional cow that steps onto the roadway, yanno?)

Engine mods would be pretty minor .. stiffer springs, a bit of cam, headers, rev limit and shift points tuned.

Suspension tweaks would be in order, as would good rubber.

Could go up in target speeds as the car is modded to pass tech :)

I could do this once or twice a year .. mebbe more as I get the car into where it needs to be. It sounds like a heck of a lot of fun.

More of a chance to get to know the car well than I get when I drag race.

-Frank an Kathy

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