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Is Your C6 An A6?


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If you have a C6 automatic is it an A6 (paddle shifter)?

What exhaust do you have and do you get an unbearable resonance at cruising speed? I'm being told the A6 does this because of the low RPM level it runs at. I'm desperately trying to find an aftermarket exhaust that give good sound w/o the resonance.

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Both of our vettes have Corsa exh. Not even a hint of resonance at any rpm. My '94 had Borla with nothing but resonance, my '88 had Flowmaster with terrible resonance and a horrible '74 Nova homemade glasspack exh. obnoxious sound to it (not becoming of Americas premier sports car). The Corsa sounds great at any rpm but real mean at wide open throttle with no resonance......ever! Makes the car so enjoyable. The C-6 a6 sounds european with the corsa, but still some-what mean. Well worth the $ imho. Only exh. for me...ever, on any car........Joe

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