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I'm in, just south of the north Pole!

Holy poopie John, I guess your first cruise with us is going to win you the long distance award.... :eek

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Now everyone knows

Maybe CaHd can hook me up with some anti-fat-ass meal replacements?!?!? :lol

Actually my better half has decided to eat only all-organic grub, which means I've lost 10 lbs in a month. :crazy When's the next cruise-in to a nearby chili-dog stand? I'm starvin' over here. :willy

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I'm in.

Don't lie now, Dianne did it for you didn't she :toetap

Post #24 "Now Everyone Knows" By 405HP was directed to the above quote. Not anyone's behind. Jay still does need me. Now I know I'll have more posts than Jay because he won't want to post for awhile.


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