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Classics exemption update via email


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Hi all -

this morning, EPA Regional Administrator Wayne Nastri signed the final rule exempting collectible vehicles from the Phoenix vehicle emissions inspection program and collectible vehicles and motorcycles from the Tucson vehicle emissions inspection program.

We are sending the signed package to the Office of the Federal Register today. We have been working with the Office of the Federal Register to receive a March 30th publication date so that the rule (and the exemptions contained in the rule) will be effective on April 30th. I will send out another email once the notice is published and the effective date of the rule set.

Attached is the version of the rule that Wayne signed, and a fact sheet. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions, and thanks for your patience.


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40 CFR Part 52
[EPA-R09-OAR-2005-AZ-0009; FRL-8284-2]
Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans; Arizona;
Motor Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Programs
AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
ACTION: Final rule.
SUMMARY: EPA is approving two revisions to the Arizona State

Implementation Plan submitted by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. These revisions consist of: changes to Arizona's Basic and Enhanced Vehicle Emissions Inspection Programs to exempt collectible vehicles in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and collectible vehicles and motorcycles in the Tucson metropolitan area, from emissions testing requirements; an updated performance standard evaluation for the vehicle emissions inspection program in the Phoenix area; and new contingency measures. EPA is approving these two state implementation plan revisions because they meet all applicable requirements of the Clean Air Act and EPA=s regulations and because the exemptions will not interfere with attainment or maintenance of the national ambient air quality standards in the two affected areas. EPA is finalizing this action under the Clean Air Act obligation to take action on State submittals of revisions to state implementation plans. The intended effect is to exempt these vehicle categories from the emissions testing requirements of the State=s vehicle emissions inspection programs as approved for the Phoenix and Tucson areas but also to provide a mechanism to reinstate the requirements in the event of a violation of the carbon monoxide national ambient air quality standard in the Phoenix or Tucson area. DATES: Effective Date: This rule is effective on April 30, 2007.
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