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Went ET Racin @ Speedworld :)


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Didn't bring the camera so no pix to put up .. 100+ degree weather really took a toll on the car and I.

I slogged thru it tho, have to get seat time and time on the 'tree' to get better at it :)

Managed to keep it all within a tenth .. 14.0's (a .01 lowest, .09 highest) .. 60 foot times just managed to edge under 2 seconds.. mph was 99 every pass.

She spins the runflats for about 30 feet out .. -shrug- ..gonna have to get stickies ..next on my list of things to do :)

Reaction times off the line is where I really need improvement .. I got one launch under .2, alla rest were .220's

Only one other Vette there, a 35th anniversary C-4, all white .. purty.

He was on TA Drag Radials and about 8 tenths quicker, runnin 13.20's.

Also cuttin .07 lights.

So it *can* be done :)

I can't wait :)

All in all .. I feel baked.

Got beat first round, dialed a bit too high for the car to run and was a bit slow off the light.

-shrug- .. learned more about the black bullet, still love the sound of that motor thru the 1/4 mile :)

Lotta nice ..very *radical* soundin cars there.

Even one battery powered dragster .. electric motor ..was *weird* just hearin the tires during the burnout, no motor sound at all.


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Frank, all you need is seat time. You're not a rookie, you'll get it. The car is extremely hard to launch and shift properly. You have to take it to red line without bumping the rev limiter and your shifts have to be crisp, smooth and quick. And I know you know that already. :lol

I prolly have close to a hundred passes under my belt, and every time something changes - add a little HP or tires or track conditions, the game changes again too. :bang

But ain't it fun?!! :lol:lol:burnout

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-laughs- .. I jest leave it in 'D' .. she shifts so hard the tires break hittin 2nd and a goodly chirp into 3rd.

The car will be a lot more consistent when I stick it off the line .. right now I am the weak link .. yer right .. I need tree time for sure :)

I plain an simple got 'treed' .. about .05 worth .. then ran a tenth slower than I had dialed in .. I saw the other car comin up at the lights, an I backed out of the gas because I thought I had 'em .. LOL .. he tripped the beams about a fender up on me and was also over a tenth under his dial in.

Was a good race .. great to hear the cams thru open headers ..

..some guy and his pit crew were ironing out the new car bugs in an IHRA Pro-stocker ..898 cubic inch motor and 60ft times were 1.05's .. just a frikkin animal to watch .. they were dialing in the wheelie bars gettin it to track straight thru 1st an 2nd then shuttin off .. front wheels would touch down right as he hit 2nd ..was a Strange Engineering project car I heard.

Lotta real nice soundin thumpers out there :)


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