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another computer question


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a couple of months ago I picked up a virus on my laptop (hp pavilion zt3200) and it totally crashed so I ended up reformatting and reinstalling everything then after about a weeks time she crashed again and now after the third try I was wondering what the deal is? I keep getting a screen that comes up saying "imminent failure detected press f1 to ignore" and just keeps recycling back to that point.

Any suggestions? Do I need to replace the hard drive or something and how does this virus stay in the computer and keep coming back?

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Could be that after you reinstall your system that you are putting the same virus back in. For instance if you got a virus and it infected a flash drive or similar and you keep re-infecting your computer.

I have never seen "imminent failure detected press f1 to ignore" myself.

Is it "SMART detected imminent hardware failure, backup all of your data and replace your hard drive. Press F1 to continue."

If So....

This error usually is caused by physical damage to the hard drive, or the

drive is simply unable to store data in certain areas anymore. It isn't

something that is caused by the OS and formatting cannot fix this problem.

You can run scandisk or Norton Disk Doctor to check the surface, and I think

you will probably find it has bad clusters. Sorry to say that there's

basically there's probably nothing you can do except replace the hard drive.

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Ditto to Kyle

that is not a normal Win os error and would be a bios/hardware error. some laptops (dell) come with a diag disk that is bootable.

this oculd test the full system and each sector on the hard drive.

..not matter what, back up your stuffnow.


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"SMART" is generally a program on the BIOS of the harddrive that detects when there are problems with the drive.


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I always reinstalled from the back discs in the sealed package that came with the computer and havnt put anything back on but the operating system and drivers and give it a few days and everything works just fine and then slowly it starts slowing here and there and all at once wammo it locks up and each time it happens its harder to get it to recover and this time I cant get it to even try. :(

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Jack, it could be the RAM, but I doubt it. It sounds like the issue is really your HDD getting ready to take the deep six. If its still under warranty, have it looked at, if not, get another HDD. What Anti-virus are you using anyway, just curious. FWIW...AVG Pro is a nice app and not a resource hog like some others.

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