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Kooks Headers


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Hey guys. I was looking around and found this site with some Kooks headers. What I'm really curious about is the price. From what it looks like, you can get the whole set-up for about $860!!! From headers, to hi-flow cats down to x-pipe. Am I just insane, or do you guys think this is the full system as well?



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I checked it out and this is what I found. The 2001-2004 1 3/4x3" Venturi Collector is $859.99 according to the scroll box to add to cart. Then the xpipe and high flow cats are an additional $629.99 for a total of $1,489.98.

Sorry but $860 for the whole works is kinda to good to be true. Don't know what the going price is for a complete Kooks setup w/cats is these days. I have the LG pro system and it was at least $1,800.


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Robert and Elizabeth

Sean, that price does not sound accurate. We paid for Kooks headers and the high flow cats and 3 inch piping and all from AZPS for $1660. That does not include Mike's labor charges either. Just our :2cents


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Guest AZ Power & Sound

I will match any price you can find on kooks stuff, but remember they sell their headers and mid sections separately :)

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Yeah, I know it is too good a price...but their site is weird for selecting stuff. You select the headers, then select the x-pipe and high flow cats below it. Just a confusing set-up they have.

I'm really trying to save up to get some sort of header/hi-flow cat set up. I want it bad. :D

There are so many different options out there it's hard to decide which ones to get as well. :lol

Corvette Garage

Corvette Garage #2

Corvettes of Houston


Mid America

Mid America #2 and I do like this one.

And Texas Speed has a lot of good priced stuff. Have to wait for Chad to chime in to hear if he really likes his.

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