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welcome vettesurgeon


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Hey Robert :howdy

Year of Corvette 1965 Coupe

Color Nassau Blue

Year of Corvette 1971 T-Top

Color Black

Year of Corvette 2005 Convertible

Color Metallic Silver

Umm. Were going to have to fix the color poll to include all of your vettes!!! But it's not a problem... :lol

Welcome to ACE!!!

I look forward to meeting you soon, and seeing at least 2/3 or your vettes. :thumbs:thumbs:thumbs

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:howdy from Litchfield Park.

I'd tell you to go vote for your color...but with 3 that'd be tough. Dwayne will have to take care of that for you. :lol

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Robert and Elizabeth

:howdy Robert, welcome from Gilbert!

I am glad you decided to join up after I talked to you about ACE at work. :yesnod

Anyone with 3 Vettes is a true Vette lover and should be a member here! :thumbs

Welcome again, and I hope you enjoy the wealth of info this site has to offer and the great friendships you'll soon be making. :yesnod


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