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2 - Corbeau A4's - Chandler AZ


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Guys 'n Gals,

My fat a$$ can't fit in the brand new Corbeau A4's that I bought (not comfortably anyway). I've heard these are made for people 175lbs and slimmer. I'm not over 190lbs but I'm just too broad to sit in these comfortably. I installed the Drivers seat and brackets and tested it out. Moved it around, adjusted the backrest, etc, etc... They just won't work for me. I know someone else that is 225 or 235lbs and uses these and loves them so I guess its all personal preference.

They both come with brackets for any C5. The brackets bolt to the seats and the seats bolt to the floor. It was about a 30 minute job to take out one seat and install the Corbeau, so its pretty easy.

2 Brackets for C5's

2 Corbeau A4's

Everything needed to bolt these in and go in about 2 hours.

$675 firm for everything! :thumbs

We live at Ray/Dobson (101).




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Im fatter than you... looks great.. here is a bump.

I guess it could work if you have a HUGE belly but aren't that wide....... :lol

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I am proportially fat.

Yeah, that's how I like to think of myself too! :thumbs

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NOTE: Updated price:

C5 Brackets are already bolted to the seats. This is literally a 1 hour job and you'll have two brand new Corbeaus in your car! :eek

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