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Welcome to Lil Red Corvette Prescott Valley


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Welcome Hilliard :howdy

Year of Corvette---1986---Color---Red

Good to see you join us here. Post a picture of your Lil Red Corvette when you get a chance. Hope to see you at an upcomng event or you can schedule one up there and we can come up when it gets too hot in Phoenix.

Phil... :devil

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Welcome from NE Phx! :howdy

How come you only post that link for red Vettes Mike???? :lol

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Here is a message I received from Lil Red Corvette

I own a 1986 red t-top convertible corvette. I have recently restored the engine. It only has 60000 original miles on it. I am relocating it from Alaska to Prescott Valley and will have it this Thursday. It does need a paint job. Will be doing that within the next month or two. The carb. has been modified. I upgraded the exhaust system, and it has four new tires. Will be hot rodding it beginning this weekend on Hwy 89, 89A, 17, and 69 up here in big blue sky country. I have owned it since 1997. I bought it from the original owner. Is this club located in Phoenix?


Hilliard D. Pettus

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