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NHRA Division 7 Opener Today


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Hey everyone. I just want to share a small part of my day today with my youngest son, compliments of Phill with the 82CF.

Yesterday was the first day of the NHRA Division 7 Opener March 1-4 at Firebird International Dragway in Chandler Arizona. Phil, being the totally awesome guy that he is, gave me two tickets for today’s racing. So I picked up my son from school early and headed for the track.

It was a great day for racing and the temps were just right. The fastest run of the day was 5.42 @ 268 and we were standing almost at the traps when they came flying through…OMG, was that awesome and fast. Anyway, Here’s a short video my son threw together with the video he took. We have a lot of pics and he thought it would suck to put them all in there, so he only put a few in. The video is still pretty cool for just messing around.


Phil :devil , did you go to that today? I was leaving and I thought that was you pulling in but wasn't sure. If it was, sorry we missed you there.


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Tom that was me pulling in around 4:00 PM this afternoon.

I was looking to see if the Z06VetteFest was still going on.

I did not see any Vettes so I turned around and left.

Now let me go and check out the son's video.

Later...Phil... :devil

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Great vid Tom, What did Jim have to say about the note at the end... :bang

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LOL...I thought that was you Phil, but wasn't sure because I didn't see the rear plate. You missed some aswesome racing yesterday.

Dwayne, I just received mail from Jim. His reply was..."and you give me grief about wanting to change out my cam"? :smilelol We have this bet going between our cars. :thumbs

The video was only a small fraction of the cars that were there and through Sunday. We must have watched 30 rails in an hour and there was still more and then the funny cars started running. :D

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