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Well today I purchased a three day tag to get the front end aligned on the 82 over at Classic Gold. They did a great job and the car handles nice now after all the work I did to the front end.

I have 54 miles on the new motor now and was data logging and tweaking the computer while crusing around. I wish I could drive it to the BBQ, but I guess not. I have to have it emissioned first and it's almost ready for that and should be soon if all goes well.

Two interesting things happened today while crusing home from CG. A Mesa cop pulled in behind me and stayed right on my bumper. I knew he was going to run my three day tag even though it says expires 02-28-07 in huge letters on it...and he did. At a light he couldn't see the tag straight on and actually drove his crusier almost onto the curb just to see the tag and I watched him typing on his niffty computer to see if I was wanted...LOL! Well, after following me for a few miles he finally turned off. Then right after that the Hemi Charger pulled next to me and kept starring at my car. My motor sounded good bouncing off his car and he nailed it when the light changed. :clap I'm impressed! He wanted to race me so bad it wasn't funny and at the next light he did a small burnout :crazy...Wish my motor was broke-in. :devil

Hopefully I'll have the car done and able to show it off in all its glory at a meet...getting closer! :thumbs

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Congrats on getting it in shape!

I wouldn't say he wasn't but several years ago they didn't have the ability to run temporary tags on the computer. They only thing they could tell you was what MVD Station or Dealer it came from. That may have changed as computer technology has advanced.

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Great to hear your finally on the road Tom, I have my fingers crossed that this motor is the one that stays together!!!

I'm looking forward to hearing it run soon!!!

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