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Got some electical issues NEED HELP

SunDevil C5

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My keyless entry doesn't work all the time. Started awhile ago and I reset it but now its daily. I have to reset it almost everytime I get in the car. Also my drivers side window doesn't want to go down. I hear a click when I press the button but no response. Last of but not a huge issue, the passenger power seat has problems moving back. Moves in every other direction just fine but takes some jiggleing of the switch to get it to go. Any thoughts?

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Key Fobs

There are basically two different kinds of key fobs, and they are not compatible with each other.

97-00, but 00 does not have the Passive Lock feature


Both remotes use a CR2450 coin type battery. I found replacement batteries at Walgreens. To replace, use a coin to wedge between the seam, and twist.

Fob programming

1-Turn the ignition to RUN

2-Turn the radio off

3-Press the RESET button in order to clear any IPC warning messages

4-Press the Option button on the DIC until the IPC display is blank in order to enter the program mode

5-Press and hold the Reset button for 3 seconds

6-Press the option button until FOB Training message is displayed

7-Press the Reset button in order to begin the programming sequence.

8-Simultaneously press and hold the lock an unlock buttons on the first transmitter for 12 seconds. The IPC will indicate when that transmitter is programmed and when to proceed to the next. Repeat this step for each transmitter.

Check in here for additional help on the other problems, I don't know those answers


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I had to think about the proper sequence, double check for accuracy, wasn't totally sure on a couple of things...so a quick copy and paste did the trick instead! LOL

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