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Looking for Good Corvette Electrician in Phoenix

J G Vette

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In 1991 the car was stolen from a dealer when I took the car in for a trans leak. The theif ran the car into a bridge abutment (concrete) did most of the 13K in damages to the drivers side.

Signs of short

1.) This is my 4th to 6th ECM replacement since theft

2.) key chimes work intermittently

3.) alarm goes off each time I unlock the car

4.) Alternator replaced each 12 to 18 months

5.) Battery replaced each 12 to 18 months

6.) Had the turn signals replaced twice

7.) Replace the speedo cable reading 20mph to 95mph reading when doing 40mph

8.) Right (passenger side) horn does not work

9.) Replace fan relays three times

10.) and the list could go on...............

After inital problems with a independent mechanic most of the work completed by two Chevy dealers one in California and the other in AZ.

Majority of the problems with this car are electrical and have been since the accident.

Thank You for all your help I really appreciate your response

after posting.

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You might PM a member by the name of Steve Mulvey. He's got a C2 that he's having totally rewired. I'm not sure where he's having it done but it might be of help to you.

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You might wanna have member ChadC take a look. Don't know how much he knows about C4's, but that electrical sh!t is kinda his thang. :bang

As far as maybe a shop that could fix her for sure, I would say Classic Gold, ADS or maybe AZP&S?

Good luck with the gremlins! :thumbs

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