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F/S Z06 Cat Backs


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Selling my OEM Z06 Cat Backs that I took off my 2002 car.

Price is $450.00 cash.

Live in Casa Grande so you'll have to pick them up here and they will fit in the truck space of a C5.

If interested call me 520-836-7767 or cel 520-252-9699

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Hi Don,

I am very interested in your TI's. If I can sell my thinspokes I'll think I might buy them from you and sell my B+B Rt. 66's. I have someone interested in my wheels but hasn't commited yet.

Bob Seitz

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Since no one wanted them I them listed on ebay with a no reserve. So if your still interested you'll have to bid. Here's the item # 170087183446


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