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Looking for a Cisco tech


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I have a client that has a Cisco PIX 501 firewall. It needs to be crushed ,reformatted back to factory, and fresh basic programming done.

No vpn stuff, a simple firewall, with 5 port forwarding’s.

I do not have a console cable or any experience working with the Cisco commands.

I’m looking to spend 100 to 140 for the job.

please email me at ccarpenter@futurenetaz.com

thank you for your time.


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i sent my buddy an email to see if he is interested - i copied and pasted your OP into my email with your email address - i also asked him to let me know either way, that way i can keep you updated.

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The Pix 501, 505 and 506 series are not that difficult and can be reset to factory defaults by PDM, access the console and type the following: Enter config mode... type "configure factory-default" and thats it. The rest is whatever he wants and a few more hours than I have to spare...Sorry! Hope you get someone to help you out even though I know this may not have helped you a bit. If I confused you more, my bad. :cone

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no I understand you quite well

A: the reset to factory default via the PDM does not work. stalls out.

B: I do not have a factory console cable.


D: I have spend aobut 5 hours dicking around this device trying to learn and make it work. with no results.

I cant charge the client the 5 hours, so I have to call in a pro that will hammer it out within 60min.

My time is better spent (and better paid) by out sourcing this gig.

thanks for the advice tho



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