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Lloyd rear cargo mat


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I ordered Lloyd's rear mat Steel Gray w C6 logo, wrong color, I needed Ebony. Still has tags, as new, still in box. Sell for $ 75.00. Cliff 480-460-8238 / 480-510-4770

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I've "NEVER" done anything like that myself. :lol

Good luck with the sale.


And what is the difference between the C5 and Z06 bras???

I would love to pick it up but have to recover from the exhaust first. GOOD LUCK!

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Ill trade you a set of Lloyds C-6 front mats. They are black with the C-6 logo. Not new, but hardly used. Got them for the wifes C-6, but she doesn't like them as she feels guilty for using them and possibly ruining the logos. So the stock mats went back in. I can understant as I bought a set for my C-4 5 yrs. ago and never used them, still sitting in the hatch area all this time. I dont really care about the grey color on the cargo mat so if you want a set of black mats hit me up. Thanks...Joe

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