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Just back from Nawlins

dss LT1

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Contrary to news media reports and popular belief - the Big Easy is back in business. The French Quarter was spared most of the devastation and is clamoring for their customers to come back. The violence that is always in the news is not in the Quarter - it is in two separate neighborhoods where gang members are killing each other trying to re-establish turf. Not touristed areas. As usual the news media does more damage than service with their one-sided, poorly developed stories.

There are screamin' deals out there for airfare and rooms (though probably higher during Mardi Gras). We had a great time - had some great meals (K-Pauls and NOLA) and beverages. We walked everywhere and never encountered any hint of a problem. Enjoyed lots of great music at Snug Harbor...

I encourage everyone to put Nawlins back on the must see list.


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